Commercial Construction

Dolphin Construction, based in the Western Cape, is an expert in the commercial construction field, which includes office parks, shopping malls and other retail developments. With a growing list of commercial construction companies in South Africa, we understand the vital importance of delivering cost effective, yet high quality solutions to the needs of the South African and Southern African demand for commercial construction.

Our reputation in the commercial construction segment is underwritten by our commitment to produce quality work, within the specified time-frame and to the exact specifications received from our clients to ensure their total satisfaction. We, at Dolphin Construction believe in measuring our success by the amount of repeat business we receive from our clients, and therefore we strive for perfection in every project.

At Dolphin Construction, we aim our focus at thorough preparation of foundations and accurate setting out of new building structures to meet engineering and legal specifications. This thoroughness pays off once the building emerges from ground level to implementing the finishes.

Our hands-on approach means we have complete control over every aspect of every project, from planning, to quality, to cost. We understand that our customers’ needs are as unique as the building structures they imagine. We pair our resources and expertise precisely to fit these needs, from preconstruction through completion.

We embrace and welcome all projects – small-scale and large-scale – as well as projects with challenging technical and structural site conditions, projects which demand high-end finishes and open space commercial construction projects.

Our continued attention to detail – before, during and after completion of a project – ensures that you can rest assured knowing that your commercial structure will withstand the natural elements as well as the fluctuations in the property market. This is achieved by our meticulous and continuous supervision during each project.

At Dolphin Construction, our knowledgeable, dedicated and highly experienced team allows us to apply creativity to practical, realistic and cost-effective ideas that will ultimately provide you with a financially and aesthetically pleasing building.

Our honest, open, and clear communication policy means that you will receive an accurate and exact indication of the requirements to bring your commercial construction project to fruition. We want you to have a clear idea of your scope for deviation from original specifications and your liability. Therefore we cost each project individually, in detail. Our expertise enable us to deliver superior craftsmanship and projects which run smoothly.

To ensure that your business property will yield good returns, Contact Us on +27 21 854 4968 or on and let us assist you in bringing your commercial building to fruition.

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